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  • Modern experimental biology has at its core the ability to observe and quantitatively describe events occurring at the microscopic level. Indeed, the cellular theory of life draws its origins on observations made by pioneering microscopists, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek and Robert Hooke, who for the first time described the cellular nature of living matter. Today, the sophistication of digital microscopy allows scientists to observe and keep track of events occurring in real time within living systems in a manner that was unimaginable only a short while ago. Much work remains to be done in order for us to take full advantage from what we see and transform data we collect into scientific insight and knowledge.
  • OMEGA multidisciplinary project including experimental biologists, software engineers and computational scientists aimed at extracting knowledge from microscopic image data.
  • OMEGA aims to give a significant contribution to a paradigm shift in the way in which data analysis, management, sharing and visualization is addressed in the field of biomedical research allowing the use of a systems biology approach to understand and fight viral infection and other pathological states.
  • The multidisciplinary OMEGA team is currently engaged in the development of bioimage informatics tools for the automated quantitative and reproducible analysis of the movement of viral particles within infected cells. The immediate use of OMEGA centers around the understanding of the biological mechanisms at the basis of the ability of the HIV-1 virus to enter and infect target human cells. The results of such efforts are expected to provide a significant contribution to the development of novel strategies of intervention against HIV/AIDS.

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