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SyBIT provides and supports many kinds of software to the SystemsX.ch research community.

SyBIT either contributes to existing open source community software and tools or writes its own open source software in collaboration with its members and collaborators.

Since SyBIT is a project and not an institution, the software is not licensed to SyBIT or SystemsX.ch but to the individual participating institutions or communitites. The licensing depends on the project, it is usually Apache, BSD or GPL-based.

SyBIT also supports some commercial tools in direct collaboration with the providing companies.


    applicake is an application framework to wrap the execution of 3rd party tools.

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    A python workflow and file manager for data analysis.

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    Automatic categorization of cells in CellProfiler analyzed images using supervised machine learning.

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    Share large files securely online. Direct link to openBIS.

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    Confluence Macros

    Confluence is a commercial wiki system by Atlassian. We use it as our wiki in SystemsX.ch and have extended it with various macros to be used in the SystemsX.ch context.

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    The Datamover is an Open Source program moving file-based raw data produced by some local data producer to a central storage.

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    EPPIC Web front end

    Distinguishing biologically relevant interfaces from crystal contacts in protein structures is an increasingly important problem in structural biology and bioinformatics. EPPIC (www.eppic-web.org) is a computational approach to tackle this problem.

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    Ease of use and scale-up of Workflows for Proteomics Analysis.

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    Bioimage informatics tools for the automated quantitative analysis of biological images.

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    Quantitation and analysis of short reads in R. Tools for analysis of high-throughput genomics data.

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E-mail: sybit(at)sympa.systemsx.ch | Wiki: SyBIT Wiki
Copyright © 2012,SyBIT - SystemsX.ch Biology IT.

E-mail: sybit(at)sympa.systemsx.ch
Wiki: SyBIT Wiki
Copyright © 2012,SyBIT - SystemsX.ch Biology IT.