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Services for the SystemsX.ch Research Community

SyBIT provides the following services to the research community:

  • Data publication support.
  • Infrastructure support and consulting.
  • Software engineering and standardized bioinformatics services.
  • Collaboration support.
  • Helpdesk.


Data Publication Support

Support of international repositories: Support with upload to public data repositories at EBI, NCBI, etc.

Custom publication:For data where no repositories exist (like microscopy imaging data) we provide public data servers on demand.

All published SystemsX.ch data is linked through www.sybit.net/data


Infrastructure support and consulting

SyBIT works tightly with local infrastructure providers to provide infrastructure to the researchers, see the Infrastructure page for details.

We also help with the acquisition and maintenance of local computing equipment if no local support can be found. We offer the help and advice of the experts in our network.


Software engineering and standardized bioinformatics services

SyBIT develops several tools and provides this software free of charge to the community. Our software is linked up on the Software page.

Researchers can also approach us with an idea for a new software or with the request to render existing research code into a community-strength, well supported library that can be contributed to existing community code pools or be maintained by SyBIT or other local support centers. Depending on the request we will work with experts on the given problem. This can include projects like

  • Creating a library from existing source code, contributing it to the community. Example: QuasR, BlitzBioformats
  • Enhancing existing code with new features. Example: MorphoGraphX, CellProfiler
  • Parallelization and automation of execution on large computational clusters. Example: iPortal
  • Creation of a web frontend to provide the tool as a community service. Example: EPPIC
  • Standalone tool implementation or enhancements on community request, if possible based on existing code. Example: OpenBIS, iBrain2


Collaboration Support

SyBIT sets up websites, wiki spaces, mailinglists or code repositories for the research projects.



Researchers can always contact SyBIT and request help with any of the above through the SyBIT Helpdesk at helpdesk_at_systemsx.ch.

E-mail: sybit(at)sympa.systemsx.ch | Wiki: SyBIT Wiki
Copyright © 2012,SyBIT - SystemsX.ch Biology IT.

E-mail: sybit(at)sympa.systemsx.ch
Wiki: SyBIT Wiki
Copyright © 2012,SyBIT - SystemsX.ch Biology IT.